Hello there, I'm Pollee!!

I am a digital artist who also likes to dabble in photography, retro gaming, and action figure collecting. I love to chat with all sorts of people from all walks of life. One of my favorite online hobbies would have to be digital art. Just recently I got into drawing online and my talent has flourished. If I had to describe my personality, I would say I am responsible, organized, chatty, and cheerful. I am a dog lover and own my own rescue pup!!I am also obsessed with Animal Crossing, so sorry if I talk your ear off about it! If you also play Animal Crossing, please DM me!! I'd seriously love to chat about it.Feel free to DM me on Discord at Pollee#3734 or through any of the websites that I mentioned above (my username will be Pollee).Other Websites I'm on: Minetest, Chicken Smoothie, Discord, Animal Jam, Deviantart, Art Fight, Fandom, Nookepidia, and Toyhouse.

Top 4 Video Games

1. Animal Crossing: New HorizonsHaven't played it yet because I'm waiting for my Switch to arrive, but I can't wait to play it!!

2. Animal Crossing: Wild WorldI first received this as a birthday gift and was so excited when I opened it!! I couldn't wait to start my very first Animal Crossing Adventure... I honestly love the game so much, and it has a special place in my heart. Nintendo never fails to let me down, and I have so many fond memories associated with Wild World. I love the layout and features, and the fact that it's a simulation game as well.

3. Pokémon: Emerald VersionThis game was introduced to me by a dear friend of mine. I've spent hundreds of hours playing it non-stop, and have beaten the game probably over 7 times. The music always brings nostalgia, and nearly makes me cry sometimes. It's so relaxing to play, and although I've tried newer Pokémon games, I haven't found one yet with the same connection that I've had with Emerald.

4. Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral TownI was also given this game as a Christmas gift! At first, I thought it would probably be a tad boring, but little did I know that it would become one of my personal favorites. The game starts off where I move to a farm that needs lots of care, and over time I manage to take care of lots of farm animals, and also raise a family. I was playing it one day when, as I was saving it, the screen suddenly turned a bright white. After shutting it off and turning it back on, to my horror, all of my data was lost... I have restarted since, but it has never been the same.


My Animal Crossing WW Villagers!

Filbert scares me. I don't know what else to say. His house is strange, he is strange, and he worries me. I hope he's alright. It looks like he's seen some stuff, and I don't know if I want to help him.

Butch has to be my favorite villager, hands down. At first, he was very cranky, and I didn't like his personality at all. Now, cranky villagers are one of my favorites. I am so glad that he's in my town, and I hope I can keep him for many years to come.

I don't know why I have so many squirrels in my town?? Nibbles is alright. She is always unusually happy. You could deface her house and steal her tools, and she would still be happy. She has given me her picture, and so I do respect her for that.

I don't quite know what to say. Rod has given me his picture, but all he talks about is who can catch a mole cricket first, which neither of us can do because they are very hard to find. I sorta want him to move out, because his color scheme is a bit too wild, and I already have a jock villager.

Goose is hilarious. His comments on work-outs and his muscles crack me up all the time. I love his Hawaiian outfit and laid back personality. He has given me his picture, and I honestly hope he never moves out of my village!

Queenie just moved into my town, and I honestly sorta like her? She is so weird, but at the same time pretty cool. She's my only snooty type, and is constantly talking about fashion. I also love her house and it's location on the beach, and I've surrounded it with palm trees.

I don't like Anabelle at all. I tend to tolerate her a lot, and the reason is for her obnoxious colors and having the same personality/dialogue as Bunnie. She gave me her photo, which, in ACWW, means that I've earned her friendship. I've only talked to her less than 20 times, which is strange that she gave me her photo.

Maple and I have gotten along better now. At first, I didn't like her because her personality was really boring, but now that spring's come, she constantly talks about flowers, and always gives me tasks. I'm starting to like her a lot, and her bright personality makes me happy.

Villager Dreamies...

My ultimate AC villager dreamie would have to be Bob. One of my favorite colors is purple, and to have an AC character entirely based off of purple is fantastic!! His lazy personality suits him best, and his dialogue is also pretty funny. There are so many good memes about him as well. His half closed eyes also add onto his character, and he just seems very laid back and relaxed. I hope I can somehow obtain Bob in my village!

Stitches would have to be my next dreamie. He's actually easily obtainable in ACWW as well as the Gamecube version. His overall design is very creative, and I think the color scheme also goes great. He reminds me of a childhood teddy bear, and it's nice that he's modeled off of a teddy bear and not an actual animal. His personality type also happens to be lazy as well!!

Lolly is certainly a truly special villager. Her overall design is adorable and perfect! I believe she is the only villager in the series to have her eye style. I hope that I can either get her through an amiibo card or with luck!

Lucky is yet another lazy type villager. I honestly feel like the lazy types have the cutest, most unique designs. His shirt changed in ACNH to be red, but in all the previous games it was white with the number 23. I personally prefer dog villagers that are more on the scary side, somewhat like Biskit and Marcel, so that's why I love Lucky so much.

My second favorite cat type villager is definitely Tangy!! Her overall design and personality fit her so well. I also find her quote, "They say cats hate citrus. THAT REALLY HURTS MY FEELINGS!" so cute, and true to her. I doubt that I'll ever obtain her unless I get an amiibo card, which probably isn't going to happen. There are also lots of funny memes about Tangy, including oranges.

I fell in love with Pietro right when I saw him. He is so colorful and different from any other villager I've ever seen!! He immediately brightens his surroundings and seems like a joy to have. I've never had a smug type villager, so I can't say much about that, but I love variety and color, and hope that someday I can achieve his friendship.